Lesleigh Ross


I love to write, which is probably a good thing given what I do professionally.

My blog is mostly about change and project management related topics. I have a keen interest in digital marketing and love to incorporate emerging techniques in the work that I do.

I also write a lot about awareness and attitudes about domestic and family violence. As a survivor I believe that it's important to challenge attitudes and behaviours to encourage an open conversation about creating a world that home is a safe haven for everyone.

How well do you know your audience?

By Lesleigh Ross | Aug 11, 2009

How Gamma are you? According to GammaWomen.com I’m 100% Gamma. I stumbled upon this website through BrisbaneWoman.com (thanks Kylie!). So what has this got to do with my blog and marketing? Well the fact I’m even blogging about this site and the gamma concept appears to prove their point…

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