Over the last decade Lesleigh Ross has been leading project and change teams in complex delivery environments and transformation projects across public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Leigh is highly skilled in industry best practice methodologies and frameworks which is demonstrated through her ability to deliver quality business outcomes across ‘green fields’ and recovery projects and programmes.

As a ‘digital native’ Leigh believes delivering innovation in business is only possible through collaborative project design where the business and technical teams work hand in hand. A geek in her own right Leigh is able to “degeek the geek” and facilitate effective engagement through all stages of project delivery.

Leigh is the current Queensland Lead for the Change Management Institute and a proud member of the Australian Institute of Project Management and the International Centre of Complex Project Management. She is active in her local chapters and national interest groups which are focused on improving the professionalism, diversity and inclusion within the project management community.

Lesleigh Ross
Not For Profit

What Leigh's clients say...

"Lesleigh has gone to a lot of trouble to try and work with me to capture my style, beliefs and fundamental messages, over the last week and build them into the presentation I gave today. After the dry-run on Wednesday, Lesleigh has really captured the key points out of the discussion and built some key points that I was then able to expand on.

Lesleigh assisted me in my preparation for the presentation and helped me focus on the key impression I wanted to leave the audience with. I have really appreciated all the support and assistance Lesleigh has provided and I believe the results of my part of the presentation are in large part attributable to her."

- Manager, Queensland Health

"Lesleigh managed the stakeholder engagement strategy, planning, and execution for a range of projects of national significance at NEHTA. I was the project manager for two of those projects. Lesleigh's support and management of the stakeholder engagement for my projects was outstanding. She successfully navigated the very difficult, and at times politically-charged landscape of national eHealth stakeholder issues. Lesleigh has a tireless work ethic, is highly productive and sets herself a very high standard of excellence. She understands how to bring stakeholders along on a journey of understanding and is dedicated to delivering successful outcomes through the programs that she is involved in. Lesleigh takes the time to learn the subject matter and does so very quickly. In addition to her outstanding stakeholder engagement skills, Lesleigh also happens to excel in clear, concise and effective written communication."

- Project Director, NeHTA

"Lesleigh was engaged for a short period of time to develop a change and communications plan. As a result of this engagement I can recommend Lesleigh as someone with a good knowledge of change and communication practice. She is enthusiastic, works well in a team and communicates well with stakeholders at all levels."

- PMO Director, UnityWater

"Lesleigh is able to manage diverse personalities to achieve good outcomes. She is able to rapidly understand complex issues and willing to contribute the extra effort to achieve optimal outcomes. She has proven efficient and responsive and able to produce documentation in a timely fashion."


Lesleigh has a very thorough depth of knowledge in relation to all aspects of program / project work. She is an extremely capable and confident professional leader, whilst maintaining the ability to be a friendly and genuine person. I had the pleasure of working with Lesleigh on some of my projects and found her to be a invaluable asset. She was able to provide a deep understanding of IT practices, technologies and processes, and help deliver successful outcomes. She also selflessly gave up her time to coach and mentor me. Her passion for what she does is few and far between.

Leigh Ross delivered a complex organizational change piece with confidence, compassion and excellent judgement.

Leigh is an amazing person to work with. She is a great leader & mentor with exceptional Change Management skills, which involves managing conflicts, talking to your team and helping each member understand difficult part of the change; whether the conflict was with a person or was a part of the process, she was able to manage and handle it with her expertise, patience & perseverance. Her knoweldge on Change Management is outstanding and it was always a delight talking to her on Project Controls, Programme/Project Management, Agile and her favourite one - Business Readiness. She truly would be an asset to any orgranisation she works.

Program Manager, Adelaide City Council

Lesleigh is an excellent program and project manager who also provides additional skills as an accomplished change and communications professional. Lesleigh is particularly recommended for ICT programs and projects in the public sector, especially Public Health.

Leigh has a unique understanding of the challenges that confront modern, forward looking organisations whose principle aim is to make the process of transitioning to new ways of thinking more likely to succeed. Using well established Business Readiness and Change Management principles, developed using a methodical and scientific approach, Leigh uses her skills to prepare, equip and support individuals and business units within an organisation to successfully adopt change so as to drive organisational success and outcomes, all whilst ensuring that those outcomes are aligned with corporate direction and strategy. Intelligent, articulate, highly capable, and a consummate professional, Leigh is one of those rare individuals who is extraordinarily intuitive and empathetic of her clients’ needs, passionate towards her profession, technically astute, systematic, logical and proficient at using lateral thinking when binary or predicate logic fails – making her a singular individual amongst her peers and a thought leader in her industry. I recommend Leigh, and look forward to having the opportunity of working with her again in the future.

I've worked with Lesleigh on large scale State Government projects that spans multi-facilities. Lesleigh is etremely professional and her understanding of the patient journey and focus on patient outcomes through the life cycle of the projects is achieved through applying her best practice policies and through enabling those around her.

Lesleigh Ross

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